Design Considerations for Mobile Websites

Mobile Websites

Since the launch of the iPhone, which started the era of the smartphone, websites have definitely gone mobile. It kick-started the future of web design. Today, almost all people who have mobile phones and gadgets access websites through their mobile devices most of the time. What this meant for web developers and designers was to adapt to evolution of technology and create a solution for the mobile phenomenon.

There are important considerations that you need to keep in mind when designing your websites to work on different mobile platforms. These considerations are critical in order to address the strategy of the mobile website design. These crucial items can help you create a successful mobile website.

Define your need and consider your business objective

As with all projects, it all starts with careful planning and a rigorous process of conceptualization. The core of it all is to identify the need and address it at the same time establish the objective and create a plan to achieve it.

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What is a Theme, Custom vs. Off-the-Shelf


WordPress’ popularity in the blogosphere and even the World Wide Web today has made it a household name for users, bloggers and web developers across the world. Because of its position as a top web publishing platform, most of websites you visit today is powered by WordPress.

Every website powered by WordPress comes in many different shapes and sizes, designs and user experience. That is because WordPress offers thousands of free themes, and the number of third party premium WordPress themes developed by people around the world is amazingly more than that.

There’s also developers who specialize in building customized WordPress themes. These are very unique, highly personalized and greatly branded themes that are built for a specific personal or business needs.

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WordPress Development: Pros and Cons of WordPress 400


WordPress is the most popular blogging platform and content management system in the world today. WordPress powers over a quarter of websites in the world as of the year 2017. That number is growing every day and continues to rise in a more aggressive rate.

It is an easy choice for media managers for web development because of its high customizability, user-friendliness, simplicity and other advantages.

However, WordPress is not your ultimate and all-powerful solution despite its attractive and practical advantages. Many developers and users misunderstand these advantages and fall prey into the critical drawbacks that WordPress has.

Let’s list down the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress to better understand its capability in order to make a more learned decision.

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How to Test Web Standards

Web Standards Validation or Testing is a critical component in web development process. It ensures that a website adheres and is compliant to the defined web standards by the World Wide Web Consortium also known as W3C.

These standards are composed of the recommendations for CSS or Cascading Style Sheets, HTML, HTML5 as well as other aspects of web technology. Web standards also ensure that the developer is using up-to-date web development techniques, the website will perform better in search results, the website will load quickly, and the website will display exactly the same regardless of what browser is used.

A few quick steps to test a websites compliance to web standards can be done by performing the following below. These are quick and easy steps that can be performed with the use of 3rd party specialized web standards validation tools. These are fundamental steps to ensure the website is web standards compliant.

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Top 5 Open Source Examples


Open source is a special gift to people of walks of life who loves technology. The drive for open source created a whole lot of different species of people who were given the freedom to create and innovate existing technologies. Moreover, it allowed people get access to these technologies as they were distributed.

Today, you will hear about the pioneering open source software that became titans in their own space. Software such as the Linux kernel, Ubuntu, Samba, MySQL and others paved the way for the open source revolution in the late 1990s and early 2000s. These giants and pioneers are the reason why we enjoy web technologies of today.

Part of the core of TestableJavascript is the use of open source technology. We take pride in developing works of art using open source web technologies. Here’s a rundown of the top 5 open source examples that TestableJavascript believes created an impact to the web development landscape:

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