About Us


Who We Are

TestableJavascript started in the summer of 2010 by a group of innovative and visionary individuals who were committed to revolutionize cutting-edge web development using open web platform. The company became an avenue to offer to customers the solutions and tools that meet the requirements of their ever evolving business and adapt to the ever challenging changes of the technology landscape.

Today, TestableJavascript has grown into a 200+ strong team of expert web developers, designers, technology experts, project managers, QAs and scientists with expertise in diverse technical domains.

The company is headquartered in London, United Kingdom and by practice, collaborates with hundreds of freelancers around the world.

What We Do

We’re known to embrace the open web platform in the technology that we produce and derive the solutions and tools that we develop for our diverse list of customers from open web technology and the open source concept. We have been recognized worldwide through our strong connection with the World Wide Web Consortium as leader in developing products that align to the open source model, which helps our customers take advantage of the counter-proprietary nature of our products.

We are proud to carry the banner of being one of the most creative, innovative, cutting-edge, and revolutionary companies that push the boundaries of web development. Our track record in JavaScript, NodeJS, HTML5, WordPress and NoSQL puts us at the front of the race.

Why We Do It

TestableJavascript aims to be the leading global provider of web development solutions, tools and services that use and embrace the open web platform.

Our mission is to create, develop and innovate cutting-edge, intuitive, user-friendly and dynamic web development products by understanding customer environment and needs as well as partnering with them to make them successful in their business.

TestableJavascript exists to deliver these and continue to research innovative methods and revolutionary practices in open source platforms and open web technology development so we offer and customize solutions to all customers regardless of environment, technology needs, geographical location or business domain.